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It's been a while
[p&p] Bingley, no time
Happy New Year!  Much is going on, especially this January, and while I don't expect to post very regularly in the near future, I should be back at some point. 

2010 New Year's Resolutions
  1. Be on time for stuff
  2. Get more consistent sleep
  3. Figure out what to use this LiveJournal for
Until next time...

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Greetings from Lolua!  I have finally given in and signed up for a LiveJournal, after which I was treated to the marvelous LiveJournal 101 FAQ list.  I shall surely refer back to it if I ever find myself asking "What is a journal?" now that I've started posting to one.

From time to time more random things may appear here from various fandoms and/or the wonderful world of poultry.  For now, I am building up my profile page and doing various other things in that strange MMORPG known as Real Life. 




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